Instigator (jhota) wrote in ljexplorers,

broken windows on the small building. i think this picture is sideways but i'm too lazy to check

time clock

blood on the shelf! only not really.

outside of the factory

bag, labeled "caffiene"

something crazy and rusted

grafitti (kids are creative)


me pushing the start button. we tried all buttons and lightswitches. sadly, nothing worked.

something cool and creepy

some sort of output graphing device.
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Hello! I randomly ran across this community. Firstly, great pictures! I especially like the cool and creepy thing :)

secondly, that output graphing device you talked about looks very familiar. My dad works for a local township, and they use an almost identical gizmo to graph how much water their town water pumps are sending through the pipes at a time...i.e. how much water the town is using at any given time. My guess is that that's what this one's for, though for a private factory instead of an entire town, most likely.

A little bit more background, that green thing is a replaceable pen tip, basically. The paper disk turns VERY slowly and lasts for 24 hours, if I remember right.

Great post, even though I'm 10 months late to view it :)